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I would recommend The Duct Kings of San Antonio to anyone looking for high-quality, reasonably priced air duct cleaning services. The technicians who attended our place were very friendly, polite and knowledgeable about their job I was impressed with their transparency about their business practices. They explained how they operate, their methods and what to expect. This made me feel more comfortable with them doing the work in my home.

– John – San Antonio 78201

​I found The Duct Kings on Google while searching for the best air duct cleaning services near me. Their website is really well organized, detailed and informative. Getting a quote from them is really quick, which is a plus. They managed to schedule an appointment within a day of confirmation, which suited me perfectly since I work full time! The two-person team who turned up for the job were courteous, friendly and experts in ac duct cleaning, and they showed up on time. They showed us before/after photos of cleaned ducts – it looked really clean after they were done!

– Richard – San Antonio 78202

My ducts hadn’t been cleaned in 5 years so they had quite a job to do, which they did professionally and without complaint. The before and after photos they showed us of the before/after the condition of the ducts were impressive! Their work has left us feeling confident that we can breathe easy knowing that our air ducts are free from dust, dirt, pet dander, etc., which can cause allergies or worse. They were courteous, efficient and left my place as clean as it was before they arrived, with no mess or fuss at any time. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone who is looking for the best air duct cleaning services.

– Ronny – San Antonio 78218

My furnace stopped working on the coldest day of this past winter. I called several furnace duct cleaning companies, some didn’t even call back at all, and others gave me outrageous estimates to fix my furnace.  But The Duct Kings was very accommodating, professional and efficient, they were able to give me a quote over the phone! They arrived on time, started right away, and kept me informed about the process throughout. They cleaned out all the moldy gunk in my ducts and removed the moldy smell at my house. The place they were working in was definitely not clean or organized when they started, but after they were done, my ducts looked brand new!

– Joshua- San Antonio 78261

I live in a condo and noticed that the smell of the air conditioning was getting very moldy. I had my unit check out my system and it turns out there was mold growing inside the AC duct. We called The Duct Kings of San Antonio and they came out the next day to clean my AC. The technicians were very friendly and answered all my questions before they began. They were able to get rid of the horrible moldy smell, which was one of my main concerns. The air now smells clean and fresh. They also did a great job of cleaning up after themselves when they were done. I would highly recommend this company for your ac duct cleaning.

– Danny – San Antonio 78266

We own a duplex that had some rodent problems in the past. So we decided to have them do their air duct cleaning service at both units. . They did a great job, and we know that it’s going to help keep our unit running more efficiently all year long. The technicians were very knowledgeable and had some great suggestions for how to keep the rodents out. They used powerful vacuums to get all of the dust and debris out of our AC vents. They even cleaned off all of the AC covers so that they were completely free of dust and debris!! Our AC unit has never worked better!

– Richard – San Antonio 78286

My wife and I were very concerned about the mold that had begun to accumulate in our home. We had tried several different types of products which did not work well at all. We almost gave up hope until we found The Duct Kings of San Antonio.

They were able to get rid of the horrible moldy smell which is making my family sick. We ended up going with a whole home cleaning because of the severity of the mold growth, but they were very honest about what needed to be done. I was very impressed with this mold removal company, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a company to do this type of work.

– Tami – San Antonio 78295

We had a horrible moldy smell and stuffy air in our house and we couldn’t figure out why.  We found out that we needed our ducts cleaned and we called The Duct Kings to give us a quote for their air duct cleaning services.

I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the job of the technicians. I’ve had other companies clean my ducts, but none were as thorough as yours. They didn’t just clean the ducts; they went above and beyond with their service by cleaning our dryer vent, which is something that I didn’t even expect. I had a very positive experience with them and I will definitely use them again!

– Richelle – San Antonio 78242

We had mold growing in our A/C vents. We called another mold removal company before them which did nothing but cover up the problem by spraying something toxic into the vents. With the help of The Duct Kings, our air ducts are now clean, free of mildew and the breathing in our house is much improved. They came out on short notice when I was having a real emergency situation when our air ducts were totally clogged with mold and mildew growths which were causing me and my family to have respiratory issues. We are so glad that The Duct Kings were able to save our health by getting rid of the mold that was growing in our home.

– Benjamin – San Antonio 78288

I was very concerned about the mold that had begun to accumulate in our home. I called several mold remediation companies who quoted me a ridiculous price to get rid of the mold. I was about to give up because I could not afford $5,000-$10,000 for mold remediation services. My friend recommended The Duct Kings and they were able to come out and get rid of the mold for a fraction of the cost. They saved my family from breathing in mold toxins that can cause severe health problems. Excellent job!  

– Tami – San Antonio 78279

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