Cleaning Air Ducts for Allergies and Asthma

Cleaning Air Ducts for Allergies and Asthma

Are you or your loved ones constantly sneezing and coughing due to allergies or asthma within your home? It’s an indication that it’s time to clean out your air ducts and let your lungs savor clean, pollutant-free air for once. If you’re thinking of cleaning air ducts for allergies and asthma, now is the time.

Dirty air ducts are a rehabilitation zone for an enormous pile of mold and debris if not cleaned regularly. Eventually, these air ducts become the reason for poor ventilation in your home. After all, these air ducts are the source of clean air, commonly termed as ‘the lungs of the house’.

Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning air ducts to relieve your symptoms:

Can Air Duct Cleaning Relieve Allergies and Asthma?

Did you know that dirty air ducts contribute to air quality that’s five times more polluted than an outdoor environment? Although, the real question is, does cleaner air help relieve symptoms of those suffering from allergies and asthma?

Some might disagree on this. However, many experts state that homeowners have noticed significant benefits of air duct cleaning in the air quality of their house after getting the air ducts cleaned. Consequently, many declare that their symptoms of allergies and asthma have improved as well.

Whether or not you believe in it, it’s worth trying if your symptoms are getting severe. Chances are your lungs will be thanking you once you’re breathing clean air!

Allergies And Asthma

Besides suffering from allergies or asthma, below are some reasons you should hire an air duct cleaning service ASAP.

  • A Recent Home Remodeling Project: Home remodeling, especially when it involves reconstruction and painting, leads to numerous chemicals, dust, and debris circulating in your home. If you’re not getting the air ducts cleaned, these particles will remain in the very air you breathe for an indefinite period. Thus, further aggravating your respiratory conditions.
  • You Have Children in Your Home: Kids have an immune system that isn’t fully strengthened to cope with dust, debris, bacteria, and viruses as adults can. Exposing children to polluted air that contains these particles and germs can make them susceptible to various diseases.
  • You Have Elderly in Your Home: Once again, unlike adults, the elderly’s are immuno-compromised and can contract diseases more easily. Unclean air ducts can put the elderly in your home at risk of various conditions, including severe respiratory problems.

Allergies and asthmatic episodes usually have triggers, which are pollutants in the air you’re breathing in many cases. If you’re unsure about what’s causing your allergies or asthma to become worse, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you feel your symptoms getting aggravated or your breathing worsening after turning on the air conditioning, heating, or ventilation? If the answer is yes, the air ducts are the problem.
  2. When were the air ducts in your home last cleaned thoroughly? If it has been more than five years, it’s a sign of trouble.
  3. Are your air ducts emitting dust and debris? If they are, they’re dirty as ever and need to get cleaned.

What Causes Allergies and What Can You Do About It?

Alright, so you should be aware by now that pollutants in the air are culprits for causing allergies. So, what exactly are these pollutants, and how can you get rid of them? There’s an infinite list of substances that can trigger symptoms ranging from mild to severe conditions. These substances, known as allergens, may be harmless to another person. However, for someone whose immune system recognizes them as an enemy and reacts against them, it can cause catastrophe. As a result, the immune system’s response to this foreign particle is called an allergy.

Airborne allergens cause allergies that suppress respiratory functioning. In other words, these allergens float around in the air, enter the body, and trigger the immune system’s response against them. The consequences of this chain of events are symptoms such as runny nose, coughing, sneezing, itchiness in the eyes, nose, or mouth, and difficulty breathing.

The following are some of the most common allergens in an indoor environment:

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew thrive in a moist environment- think of bathrooms. Over the years, research proves that certain types of mold trigger symptoms of allergies and asthma. These microscopic organisms can even release spores which can enter your body and reach your lungs.

Dust and Debris

Dust and debris are common inhabitants of air ducts. Overlooking your home duct cleaning will result in accumulated dust and debris over time. These particles will then revolve around your home through the air let out of the air ducts.


One of the leading causes of allergens and asthma triggers happens to be pollen. Pollen can get inside your home whenever you let fresh air in, especially during spring. Once it finds its way inside, you’ll have a hard time controlling your symptoms until you get the air ducts cleaned.

Pet Dander

Pet dander is the dead skin that most pet animals shed throughout the year. When your pet lives inside your home and goes around it, it’s shedding dead skin flakes everywhere. Some people are allergic to pet hair as well. Coming in contact with pet dander or pet hair can trigger symptoms in those allergic to it.

Animal Urine, Saliva, and Feces

Insects and rodents such as mice, rats, and cockroaches leave behind their urine, saliva, and feces around the house. These particles can be in your air duct, too, if that’s where these pests are hiding.

How Can The Duct Kings of San Antonio Help You?

The Duct Kings of San Antonio leave no stone unturned when it comes to cleaning your air ducts and making them look good as new. We understand the health concerns that come with dirty air ducts. For this reason, our professionals ensure we do a thorough air duct cleaning process so that our customers are satisfied beyond their expectations.

From detailed inspection and addressing each component to having commercial-grade tools and doing a quality check, we do it all! With our high-quality service, you’ll be improving your home’s air quality by leaps once we’re done with the job. Not only will your air ducts look cleaner than ever, but you’ll notice that they’ll be working more efficiently too.

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