Water Damage Restoration Process

Water damage causes significant damage to the property, and if you don’t call a professional service immediately, the situation might worsen. A professional water damage restoration San Antonio service provider will carry the process efficiently, provide legal documentation throughout the procedure, and hold up to their end of the deal that your home is good as new when they’re about to leave. The Duct Kings of San Antonio’s water damage restoration process follows all these steps and pledges to meet our clients’ expectations from the start to the results.

When to Call a Professional Water Damage Restoration Service?

Some homeowners assume they can take care of a water damage incident themselves. While they may resolve it temporarily, a certified and licensed water damage restoration team can assess, monitor, dry, and repair the water damage effectively alongside reducing the risk of further complications. Calling in the experts is always the best option, but here are some situations where it becomes absolutely necessary:

  • Leakage
  • Flooding
  • Seepage into carpets, upholstery, or walls
  • Mold infestation

Not only does a certified company restore your home to its original condition before the water damage, but also conforms to the safety of you and your family. Water damage can lead to serious health conditions, which is why you need to contact the experts as soon as possible.

What Do the Professionals Do- The Process of Restoration

Every water damage incident varies from another, meaning a water damage restoration company handles each case according to its details differently. The team will look into the damage, assess it, and provide the solutions solely preferable in your scenario, but the general procedure to get through it is the same.

Our proficient service providers have first-class knowledge and skills of the industry to carry out any case, no matter how complex. Here’s a step-by-step guide of what the Duct Kings of San Antonio do to validate a well-executed project.

Schedule a Booking Urgently

No matter how busy your schedule, you can contact us easily at any time of the day. Once you’ve contacted our service, a representative will get back to you as soon as possible and acquire all the required details of your emergency. By filling out the form on our website, our experts can also provide you with the estimated costs, free of charge. At the Duct Kings of San Antonio, we know how important it is to schedule a booking and head over to the site quickly to reduce the risks of more damage. For the first step, our team will appoint a day and date that suits you to analyze the situation critically.

Thorough Examination of the Damages

Once you’ve scheduled a booking with us, our team will come to your home on the appointed day. Before we start restoring your property, we first inspect each and every corner where the water has entered in addition to its surrounding areas; in case the damage has progressed. While our professionals are on it, they will keep you updated regarding the damages and our next steps. Once we’ve performed a comprehensive analysis of the wreckage, we will provide you with the financial details and strategies to restore the damage.

Draining the Water

Now that our specialists are actually on the implementation part, they’ll stop the water source. Chances are, you’ve already done that before we’ve arrived, but we double-check that there’s absolutely no leakage from the source. Before the repair process, the spread of water needs to be stopped first. Due to this reason, we begin with water removal through specialized tools and machinery, which our team is qualified to use. Using pumps and extraction units, we will completely extract the water from the flooded area.

Removing Damaged Objects

We keep our clients as the top-most priority. Ultimately, this means that we try to retrieve all the objects in the primary area affected by water damage. We understand how difficult it is for homeowners to lose their precious household items due to an accidental water emergency. On the flip side, damaged items make the process more difficult and lengthier. So, for anything that can’t be dried and restored, our professionals will remove them from the site.

Cleaning, Disinfection, and Odor Removal

Anything that is retrievable, we’ll do our best to restore them to their original quality before the water damage. While you may not think it’s essential, it’s crucial to clean, disinfect, and remove odors from any household items directly impacted by the water damage. Our team performs this step using specialized products and equipment to make sure that your household items, drywalls, and floors are in excellent condition once we’ve finished.

Drying the Moisture

After extracting the visible water puddles, we move on to tackling the remaining moisture, specifically in furniture, carpets, wall interiors, and floors. Removal of moisture is necessary to prevent the dangers of mold growth, causing serious health conditions. This step requires experienced professionals with top-scale equipment on-hands. We bring a combination of both on the field so that you won’t have any complaints when it comes to removing moisture from every part of your home.

Regular Supervisions

Once we’ve done everything we can to restore your home’s functionality and appearance, we don’t abandon you on the spot right there. We’re aware that homeowners can’t fully observe the recovery; therefore, we do that for you as well. Our team will regularly visit your home to ensure no moisture remains or further leakage in the house. If there are any additional steps required regarding water damage, we’ll take care of them. Rest assured, your home will be completely dry under our supervision.

Final Repairs

After your home has dried, some water damage sites may need construction-based repairs where the water has permeated through the infrastructure. Not every water repair service provider can assist you with this step. Luckily, the Duct Kings of San Antonio have set themselves apart from other companies by providing construction repairs. You won’t have to worry about spending all your savings first on a water recovery service and then a construction company when we’re in charge.

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