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​Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Process Explanation

The dryer vent cleaning process is a very important component of maintaining the efficiency of your dryer vents. A clean and well-maintained dryer vent ensures that the excess heat that is generated from the dryer cycle is effectively removed to prevent fires. Usually, an indoor dryer vent is utilized in spaces without an outer wall access feature. The indoor dryer vent blows air into the laundry room through a filtration system that captures lint. A professional dryer vent cleaning process refers to a series of thorough approaches to ensure that the accumulated dirt and potential hazards in vents are cleared. It is one of the standard services that we offer at The Duct Kings of San Antonio as the dryer vent itself is one of the most important yet most overlooked parts of your vent system.

Steps to Clean Dryer Vents

The steps required to perform professional dryer vent cleaning are very simple and upfront, yet they can be tricky. The importance of availing services from a reputable company like us will ensure that highly skilled technicians and specialists will be assigned to clean your dryer. Here is an overview of the steps that will be performed during the dryer vent cleaning process.

  1. The process starts outside of the property to assess the required tools needed to perform the service.
  2. The first tool that will be used for the vent cleaning is a flexible instrument that can twist and turn through the line from outside down to the dryer location. This instrument is capable of pulling accumulated lint from the dryer, which is then suctioned out of your property.

The first two steps are the key preparation steps before the technician performs the first pulling and suctioning activity. A comprehensive assessment of the amount of lint and particle accumulation is vital to ensure that the force and frequency are adequate and thorough. Moreover, adequate assessment can help identify leaks, tears, or damages that can worsen with time. Repairs can be performed based on the outcome of the assessment and the criticality of the identified concerns.

  1. A series of pulling and suctioning activities will be performed several times until the vents are thoroughly cleaned. The Duct Kings of San Antonio combines sophisticated instruments with exceptional manpower skills to ensure that every component of the dryer vent is assessed and cleaned.
  2. Once the pulling and suctioning activity is completed, we will now perform the cleaning of the back of the dryer vent line. This process will require the temporary disconnection of the dryer.
  3. After disconnecting the dryer, a specific air tool will be used to clean the lint trap and to blow the particulates and debris into the dryer adjacent to the heating element at approximately 100 – 175 PDA.
  4. Further cleaning will be done using an extension tool. This will enhance the cleaning process starting from the back of the dryer to the system termination point outside the property.

The third to sixth steps are the main cleaning activities where the vents are cleaned several times until it is ensured that they are thoroughly sanitized. This is the part of the service in which some companies tend to have underwhelming performance because they clean the dryer vents, but not enough.

  1. We will then reconnect the dryer and secure it back in place. Then, one final cleaning will be done using safety towels.
  2. Once everything is set, a test run will be performed to make sure that every component is running safely and efficiently.

Prior to the completion of the entire dryer vent cleaning service, the proper reconnection of components will be ensured, and test runs will be performed to double-check that every part of the dryer vent is connected and working properly. We believe this is as important as the assessment part of the service because if for any reason, the components are not properly connected, it can lead to complications or even damage that might compromise the entire dryer vent.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services – The Duct Kings of San Antonio

Whether your property is residential, commercial, or mixed purpose, we at The Duct Kings of San Antonio provide your one-stop shop for all your dryer vent cleaning San Antonio service requirements. Our highly skilled technicians are more than happy to assist you in all your dryer vent needs. We always combine exceptional service, customer care, and only the best equipment because you, as our valued customer, deserve nothing but the best.

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We take pride in giving 100% client satisfaction in every performed service. This is what made us one, if not the most, trusted cleaning and maintenance company in the area, with a warranty provided for every work done. We’ll be delighted to offer you a quote. Let’s get started today!

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